Project Description

We are happy to announce the successful completion of the Abashidze St. Flat project. Our expert team delivered a comprehensive range of services, including electrical works, HVAC installations, networking solutions, CCTV setup, and the implementation of a Smart House system. This project showcases our commitment to providing integrated and cutting-edge solutions, elevating the living experience for the residents of Abashidze St. Flat.

Key Points:

  1. Electrical Works: Meticulously executed electrical works, ensuring a safe and reliable electrical system throughout the flat.
  2. HVAC Installations: Expertly designed and installed HVAC systems, providing optimal climate control for enhanced comfort.
  3. Networking Solutions: State-of-the-art networking setup, delivering fast and reliable internet access for seamless connectivity.
  4. CCTV Setup: Comprehensive CCTV installation, ensuring enhanced security and peace of mind for the residents.
  5. Smart House Implementation: Cutting-edge Smart House system, enabling efficient control of various devices for enhanced automation and convenience.