Project Description

We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of our ambitious project in Dashbashi, a breathtaking venture encompassing 62 cottages, a Center for Visitors, a Restaurant, and a magnificent bridge over the picturesque canyon. Our team undertook a multitude of responsibilities, from fire alarm systems to cutting-edge networking solutions, electrical works, HVAC installations, and lighting enhancements. Our expert team integrated cutting-edge solar panels into the project, harnessing the power of renewable energy to contribute to a sustainable and eco-friendly environment. The solar panels now efficiently generate clean electricity, reducing the carbon footprint of the entire establishment and ensuring a greener future for Dashbashi.

Project Highlights:

62 Cottages: Our expert team meticulously designed and implemented electrical works and lighting installations for 62 cottages, ensuring a seamless and efficient power supply throughout the residential spaces. Each cottage now boasts an ambiance of comfort and warmth, embracing residents and visitors alike.

Center for Visitors: With utmost care for safety, we provided a state-of-the-art fire alarm system equipped with advanced technology. This comprehensive system ensures the utmost protection and security for all the center’s visitors, enabling them to explore the wonders of Dashbashi with peace of mind.

Restaurant: The heart of culinary delights, the restaurant, received special attention from our team. We not only installed an advanced fire alarm system but also implemented HVAC solutions, creating a comfortable and secure dining environment. Patrons can now indulge in exquisite dishes while enjoying the cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

Bridge over Canyon: We were honored to contribute to the creation of a stunning bridge that stretches majestically over the canyon. Our lighting installations illuminated the pathway, providing enhanced visibility and safety for travelers, enhancing the experience of crossing this architectural marvel.

Key Points:

  • Fire Alarm System: Our team meticulously designed and installed a cutting-edge fire alarm system, prioritizing safety and security for the entire premises.
  • MEP Design and Installation: The project included comprehensive MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) design and installation, optimizing functionality and convenience.
  • Networking Solutions: Our top-notch networking solutions ensured seamless connectivity throughout the premises, enabling efficient communication and access to online resources.
  • CCTV Installation: The establishment’s security received special attention with our advanced CCTV installation, providing comprehensive surveillance and peace of mind.
  • Solar Panels Installation: We proudly integrated state-of-the-art solar panels, enabling the generation of clean and sustainable electricity, promoting environmental responsibility and reducing the project’s ecological impact.