Project Description

We are delighted to announce the successful completion of our shooting gallery project in Kachreti. Our expertise extended to designing essential fire alarm systems, electrical and automation solutions, and HVAC installations for the facility. The integrated approach ensured a safe, efficient, and comfortable environment, elevating the shooting experience for all patrons.

Key Points:

  1. Fire Alarm Systems Design: Our meticulous fire alarm system design enhances safety measures, safeguarding the shooting gallery and its occupants from potential risks.
  2. Electrical and Automation Solutions: Our expertly crafted electrical and automation systems enable seamless operations, contributing to the shooting gallery’s functionality and convenience.
  3. HVAC Installations: Our carefully planned HVAC installations provide optimal climate control, ensuring a comfortable and pleasant environment for all visitors.
  4. Safety and Efficiency: The integrated systems prioritize safety and efficiency, offering a reliable and enjoyable shooting experience for patrons.