Project Description

We are immensely proud to announce the triumphant completion of the new Sport’s Palace project, an esteemed venue that stood tall as the proud host of the prestigious FIBA Eurobasket 2022. With great enthusiasm and dedication, our expert team utilized cutting-edge technology to create an unparalleled networking infrastructure that garnered high praise and admiration from event organizers and attendees alike.

Key Points:

  • Robust Network Security: Our meticulous implementation of advanced firewalls established an unyielding fortress around the network, safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring a robust defense against potential cyber threats. The sophisticated security measures provided a secure environment for critical operations during the high-profile sporting event.
  • Optimized Network Performance: The strategic use of cutting-edge switches optimized network performance, facilitating smooth and seamless communication throughout the Sport’s Palace. As data flowed effortlessly, participants and spectators enjoyed an uninterrupted experience.
  • Seamless Connectivity for All: Our strategic deployment of access points ensured seamless and reliable internet access for every participant and spectator within the Sport’s Palace. The flawless connectivity allowed for real-time updates, interactions, and sharing, making it a truly memorable event for everyone involved.
  • Setting the Stage for Prestige: As the proud host of FIBA Eurobasket 2022, the new Sport’s Palace proved itself as a magnificent venue capable of delivering exceptional experiences. The flawless execution of our networking solutions amplified the grandeur of the event, elevating its significance on an international stage.

We are honored to have played a pivotal role in making the new Sport’s Palace a resounding success during the prestigious FIBA Eurobasket 2022. At Volts, we continue to embrace innovation and excellence in delivering cutting-edge solutions for diverse projects.